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Financial emergencies can be draining:

Yes, we understand that and that is why we are here. When life is treating you rather badly and you think you are not able to meet your ends, drop into our website to see how we can help you.

The most competitive rate of interest on payday loans:

Statutes are still not made governing the maximum interest that the payday lenders can charge but the governing bodies of every country do have their own APR or the Average Percentage Rate laid down which means that a lender cannot in any circumstance exceed the rate of interest laid down by the government in his territory. We don t want to push you to the edge by charging you exorbitant rate of interest. Because we know when you are in a financial crisis, your financial judgments can take a bit hit and borrowing loans may help you stay afloat for the moment but the compounded rate of interest in case of a single default can pull you down in to a quagmire of quick sand of perennial debts which is difficult to escape or come out of.

That is why we give you loan at simple interest rates:

We are the only payday lenders currently in the entire state that do not compound and calculate the rate of interest. The simple interest at the rate of the interest agreed upon by the borrower is maintained till the loan is finally paid off.

Here is why you must choose only us:
Simple interest and interest calculated on a slab value of the amount of the loan borrowed gives extreme clarity on the amount that needs to be repaid. That is precisely what helps the person to have a clear understanding of his financial standing. At the credit of his pay check in his account, he is quite clear as to how much money will go towards the repayment of his loan and how much more money is still left for him to use in the coming month.

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Our team comprises of the best heads who are constantly working night and day in order to provide you with the best that we can offer. We are constantly designing ways to innovate newer loans and closure techniques to be as less hassle to you as it is convenient for you to borrow.

Helpful and compassionate:

Our office team and online team are helpful, friendly and compassionate. If there is a specific query that needs to be addressed, you may drop a line to us in order that we attend to you personally.

Customer service at its best:


It is not simply that we have been recipients for the best customer service in our industry. Our executives are reachable 24 hours in a day and you may unhesitatingly call our customer service or your personal relationship manager anytime of the day or night. We guarantee you that every time you call our executives, they strive to not only give you their best but they are also serving the organization in the best manner possible.